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in which I see Matthew Morrison and meet Darren Criss

So yesterday was a momentous day for me: I went back to the Grove in Los Angeles, but this time, because Darren Criss was doing a CD signing there.

It was a looong day: in order to beat rush hour traffic, and in case there was a long line, we went HELLA early. Like, I woke up at 5am, and [ profile] kobean (Trisha), [ profile] elles_lovely89 (Helen) and [ profile] deansgirl4eva (Vanessa) picked me up at 5:30am.

It was probably a little TOO early, as there was barely any traffic and we got there in LESS than an hour. There was a line, but it was pretty short when we got there. So we waited around until 9am. In the mean time, [ profile] larosh713 (Keila) and her friend Rachel joined us. Also during this time we all became friends with this awesome girl next to us in line, Felicia, who ended up hanging out with us for the entire day! There was also this guy sitting in a bench across from us who looked like Burt, someone even took a picture of him lol.

Eventually we went in at 9am to buy the Warblers CD - we had to buy it in order to get a wristband that would allow us access to the event. Since we were so early, we got priority placement in line, which was pretty sweet. But with that done, we faced another hurdle: we could only start lining up at 4:30. Which meant we had HOURS and HOURS to kill.

This was helped some by a helpful Extra worker - who we came to name Barney as he was wearing a purple shirt - informing us that, contrary to the Extra schedule posted, Matthew Morrison was actually there THAT DAY. So we spent some time tying to get glimpses of him - oh, and we also saw Mario Lopez, but I hear that's fairly common for the Grove lol - until the show actually started.

He was talking about Dasani and how important Earth Day was or something blah blah blah I wasn't really paying that much attention. Then they had a fashion show where these GORGEOUS models wore dresses made out of plants, which was actually pretty cool.

Then Matthew Morrison disappeared in a flash and we were left with absolutely nothing to do for more hours. We ended up spending most of the time in the cafe in Barnes and Noble, where the signing was taking place, though I got antsy and joined anyone anytime they were saying they were going somewhere. I ended up revisiting the infamous Gap TWICE hahaha. During this time [ profile] tara1031 (Tara, I think that's her LJ) also met up with us. There was also this guy there whose hair looked a lot like Jeremiah's lol. We might have ended up scaring him off with our creeping, we're not sure. xD

Eventually we were able to line up. We were actually REALLY close, it was remarkable lol. This was boring too until they started playing the Warblers CD, and we sang along to it! Well, our group was actually separated - those of us with Barnes and Noble memberships were up closer than us, but they sang, and I sang with Felicia (who is an actually good singer, unlike myself lol) and Trisha. Someone actually came by with a camera and filmed us singing along to Misery; I have no idea if that will ever surface, but if it does I just might share it with y'all!

Someone who apparently runs a gossip blog or something like it also got this picture:

From the far left to right, there's awkwardly tall me, some 14-year-old girl in front of me, Felicia, Trisha, and then a bunch of girls whose names I don't remember lol oops.

Eventuallyyyy Darren Criss finally came in! He like, jumped happily on the way, it was extremely cute. Actually, no, EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM is extremely cute. The extreme gorgeousness that you see in photos of him - IT IS REAL AND THEN SOME. Like holy shiiiiiiiiiit.

Also: he is tiny! I mean, I knew I was taller than him, but I was still kinda surprised by how small he is. Shorter friends, aka everyone, don't kill me for this okay? xD

My camera sucks balls, and the fact that it sucks actually really upset me when I was uploading these last night, but nevertheless have some pictures of Darren Criss that I - as in, ME, BRI - took. We were only able to take them in line, unfortunately. :(

Then, eventually, it was time. I... was face to face with Darren Criss. My memory of this experience isn't totally clear because I was lost in a haze of "OMG DARREN IS SO GORGEOUS AND HE'S SMILING AT ME" but I think it went kinda like this:

Darren: *all happily and cutely, damn him* Hiiii
Me: *excitedly but also a bit meekly* Hiiii
Darren: Thanks for waiting in line!
Me: *gushing* I'm a huge fan!
Darren: Aw, thank you! I'm a huge fan of you!
(something else maybe?)
Me: Thank you so much!

And then I... scurried away. Granted the people running the event made me feel really rushed. xD But still, I now have the honor of having Darren Criss' autograph:

Which is pretty damn awesome.

We stuck around Barnes and Noble for awhile after that, and we crowded near where Darren was going to leave and waited until he was leaving like total creepers. He didn't stop or anything, but he did smile, wave at us and say bye, which was nice. :)

Then we had reservations at Maggiano's, where Darren used to play before he got ~famous~. It was pretty good, AND with the fettucine alfredo I ordered they offered to take home a full serving of it FOR FREE, which you bet I took advantage of. xD

So to recap: my friends are awesome, I saw Matthew Morrison which was cool, and Darren Criss is gorgeous and amazing. ♥♥♥♥

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