brillando: ([FMWS] crimson sky)
I've always wanted to create an FST, but never found any inspiration, and anything I would have wanted to try... was already covered 23432 times. Plus, finding the right songs? Difficult as hell.

Then I decided to just create my own original mix. I've noticed that although summer is "supposed" to be about fun, upbeat songs, these past few weeks I kept finding myself drawn to really... slow, sad ones, ones that seem to hit you in the gut when you stay up late at night listening to them. So I chose that as the theme.

When deciding how long it should be, I looked at the calendar and counted: 10 weeks until I go to Santa Cruz. And that's when I knew, the mix should only be 10 songs... because after all, the main source of my melancholy is this slow, drawn out wait. The mix also includes two shoutouts to the two main people who have really made this wait so much more tolerable (not that there aren't more, of course - I don't mean to exclude. maybe in the next mix I'll give more shoutouts! ♥).

So I give you: melancholy under the summer sun )