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all I really want from you is to feel me

as the feeling inside keeps building

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bri. 28. leo. graduated from UCSC with a linguistics degree. full-time office worker. bisexual. liberal. atheist. lover of languages and linguistics. internet addict. slash lover. junk food addict. loves TV. plays video games occasionally. a bit of a recluse, but doesn't bite. unless you ask nicely. ♥ (also, a bit of a pervert. obviously.)

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other sites.Tumblr. Twitter. rienestsacre: fanfiction. femme_fromage: non-English writing/translation. first post.tolerance: acceptance. mood theme by jlneveloff. profile banner by ran_cl. lj layout by thefulcrum. lj layout banner by me via

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30 rock, aang, adam lambert, allison argent, amy pond, amy/rory, apollo justice, argentina, arthur pendragon, avatar: the last airbender, barack obama, barcelona, barney/robin, black butler, blaine anderson, buenos aires, captain jack harkness, castiel, charles xavier, chuck, community, cookleta, darren criss, david archuleta, david cook, dean winchester, dean/castiel, dnangel, doctor who, donna noble, downton abbey, eleven/amy, eleven/rory, erik lensherr, erik/charles, florence and the machine, french, fullmetal alchemist, gay rights, glee, gossip girl, heroes, hiwatari satoshi, holland roden, holmes/watson, house md, how i met your mother, iron man, james t. kirk, japanese, jason mraz, joe biden, john sheppard, jon stewart, k-pop, kingdom hearts, kirk/spock, kradam, kris allen, kuroshitsuji, kurt hummel, kurt/blaine, lady gaga, languages, leslie/ben, liberalism, lily allen, lily/marshall, linguistics, loki, lydia martin, mariƩ digby, maroon 5, martha jones, mckay/sheppard, merlin, merlin emrys, merlin/arthur, miles edgeworth, misha collins, my little pony, nbc kings, nezumi, nezumi/shion, no.6, once upon a time, oreja de van gogh, parks and recreation, phoenix wright, phoenix/edgeworth, politics, pushing daisies, rahm emanuel, robert downey jr, rodney mckay, rory williams, rose tyler, roy/ed, sara bareilles, satoshi/daisuke, shakira, sherlock bbc, sherlock holmes 2009, sherlock/john, shion, slash, spain, spanish, spock, star trek reboot, stargate atlantis, stephen colbert, suits, supernatural, sylar/mohinder, teen wolf, the colbert report, the daily show, the doctor, the doctor/jack, the vampire diaries, thor (2011), thor/loki, travel, true blood, uc santa cruz, ugly betty, vanessa carlton, x-men: first class, yaoi, yuri, zachary quinto, zukaang, zuko
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