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Bri ([personal profile] brillando) wrote2009-05-03 03:19 am
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Hello Dreamwidth. I kept seeing you on my flist but never felt the urge to join myself, until [personal profile] arrch offered me a code. Thanks Arrch!

Now, what to do with this...? Arrch suggested using it to back up my LJ, but I don't really see the purpose of that. Plus, that's boring. Haha.

Maybe I should use it as a log of the little things that make me happy each day. I could probably use something like that. I could also use it as a more private journal - I know I can make private entries on LJ, but here, very little of you will even read my non-private posts, especially as the DW fever dies down. I also associate LJ too much with the desire for feedback; that won't be the case here. Maybe I could use a private outlet, too.

More than likely, I'll never look at this account again. But we'll see. haha

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