Dec. 21st, 2007

  • 12:36 AM
brillando: ([Across] forever)
I went out with Miranda today, and finally saw Across the Universe. It was pretty awesome. ♥ On a shallow note, I'd do all the main cast. xD Especially Prudence. I have a bit of a crush on that girl. :)

It helps that she sung the best song in the movie, among many amazing covers. I love it so much that I actually uploaded it to share with you all. :)

T.V. Carpio - I Want to Hold Your Hand

Enjoy! :D



brillando: ([Abyss] genki da yo!)
Je viens de regarder L'auberge espagnole

Y esto me encanta! Estoy feliz :)

Dans ce film... ils ont une vie, une belle vie, une vie merveilleuse.

Una vida que quiero tanta. Tendré esta vida.

Je dois avoir cette vie. Un jour.

The problem with watching a trilingual film is that your mind becomes filled with all three languages, so, I had to let it out. Haha.