Oct. 16th, 2007

  • 7:26 PM
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After stumbling upon [livejournal.com profile] remix_redux and bemoaning the fact that I completely missed it and I've no idea when it's restarting (though I need more time to build up my fic list), I got an idea for a different fic challenge, that's similar to that one's premise.

In that comm, you rewrite someone else's fic. So the basic plot stays in tact. But what if, instead, you chose someone's fic and wrote a prequel or sequel to it?

I think that'd be pretty fun. :) And even though I don't really have the time, I feel like being a moderator again. What do you guys think of the idea? Think it'd be successful?


tomé el... meme? xD de [livejournal.com profile] allira_dream

  • Oct. 11th, 2007 at 11:03 PM
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Gimme a couple or character and a word. I'll write you a line or two (or maybe even three) of a fic.

x Five requests for person TOPS.
x If you don't want a specific rating, say so. If not, is anything goes.

I feel like writing, but I'm not particularly inspired... nor do I want to write a lot. So this is perfect! :D So please, comment. If you're unsure about a fandom just ask.


Nov. 21st, 2006

  • 11:53 PM
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Christmas/Hanukkah/Whatever is coming up. I haven't sent out the cards yet, so you can still request a card if you want one. :D

However, I've decided that cards aren't enough! Taking a page from [livejournal.com profile] kameko_87's book, I present:

Request a Drabble for the Holidays!

Anyone reading this - and I mean anyone, since I'm making this public - can request a drabble from me, as long as it's from one of my fandoms. If you're unsure what those are, check out my interests. :) Be as general or specific as you like.

Don't expect any more than 500 words, unless I'm really inspired or something. xD; A few of you can demand a full-fledged fic from me, though. I'm not going to say who, as that's kinda unfair, but you should know who you are.

I promise to get them all written by December 25. That's a pretty tall order, especially with finals soon... which is why I'm starting this now. xD

So, request away! :D


a wittle reminder

  • Jun. 30th, 2006 at 1:37 PM
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WHOA, it's June 30th. That means tomorrow is July 1st, meaning the start of FuRaNo! :OO

I got a really nice response from ya'll. ♥ (Yes, I can be a hick sometimes, shut up). And I hope that you are still interested! :D

...I was close to backing out, actually. xD; But since this isn't a real official anything, I've changed the rules a bit~

It doesn't have to be just one story. A collection of stories suffices, as long as it adds up to 50k words at the end of July. :D

(...Yes, I just want to write fanfic, shut up. xD)

SO. If you're still interested, I created [livejournal.com profile] furanowrimo awhile ago. I meant to promote it, but... I'm a lazy bastard? xD I think it'd be way awesome if you guys joined and posted about your plans. :D I'd like to have a nice lil support group going during July, I think it'd help.

If you don't join, then I still wish you tons of luck in writing. :D And most of all, have FUN~!


whoa, a public post for once

  • May. 27th, 2006 at 5:55 PM
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[livejournal.com profile] rin_sama and I decided that it was ludicrous to do NaNoWriMo during November, since it's usually busy as hell. But we liked the concept.

Then we looked at the vast expanse of nothingness we call "summer", and thought Hey, why can't we do it during summer?

And so a NEW NaNoWriMo has been born. We call it...

The Fucking Rational Novel Writing Month. Or, FuRaNo[WriMo] :D

It has the same rules - write 50,000 words in one novel over a month. Only now, it's during

July 2006

So whatcha waiting for? Sign up by commenting (since I'd like to know who's doing it) and when the time comes, write away~ Should be much easier during the summer. 8D

P.S. Where would be good places to go and pimp this idea? :D?