Oct. 27th, 2010

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MY DEAR FRIEND [Bad username or site: sogep title= @ livejournal.com] MADE A BANNER FOR LJ, AND IT'S UP FOR VOTE!




Feb. 11th, 2010

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY[livejournal.com profile] little_ribbon!!!!

To celebrate, I made you some icons!

icons for Lin )


icon post... wait, what?

  • Dec. 23rd, 2009 at 5:50 PM
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I discovered an aspect of Photoshop that I was clueless about before, and the discovery inspired me to experiment - quite a bit. So I've created 21 icons. (More than that, actually, but these are the ones I'm gonna share for now lol). Since the set is completely random I'm not going to crosspost them anywhere lol. I'm posting them mainly to get feedback - to see if I'm any good or not. But if you actually want to USE them, then go ahead with credit, you know the drill lol.

[+01] Adam Lambert
[+01] Dita von Teese
[+11] Fashion Photography
[+01] Jeffrey Dean Morgan
[+01] Kris Allen
[+01] Kristen Kreuk
[+01] Leighton Meester
[+01] Leisha Haley
[+01] Lily Allen
[+01] Marié Digby
[+01] Stock

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Sep. 23rd, 2009

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I'm thinking about changing my LJ name, cause it looks kinda ugly and no one knows how to even pronounce it, anyway. But I'm having a hard time figuring out what to do. I have 3 names in mind that I'm currently toying with:

aspirated: this is a phonology term, and I am a phonology nerd. Not only that, but I like the way it sounds as a username. This might be my favorite one right now, idk.

ilusionada: this is a Spanish word that I really like - and it's actually kinda misleading, cause it's not about illusions; it means "hopeful, excited". That false friend aspect of it is why I find the word so charming. But I'm worried that it'd have to same "how the fuck would you say that?" property as my current one.

brillando: this is my twitter name, a Spanish word meaning "shining". It's cute because it has a pun on my name, Bri. But again, since it's Spanish I wonder - is it pronounceable?

...It's sad that all the things I can think of are either Spanish or language related (I also considered ejective and palatal, more phonology terms - if you like the sound of those you can vote for them in the comments too). I can't even imagine what other kinds of words I WOULD use. I am such a nerd, lol.

Since I'm not quite sure yet, I'll let you guys pitch in with your opinion :)

[Poll #1461849]

Thanks for voting, if you did! I'll figure something out in a few days, probably. Maybe. LOL

Mar. 27th, 2008

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LJ never fails to piss off its users, lol

This time around, it's about Sponsored Paid Accounts, which, to my understanding, are basically paid accounts that you don't pay for, but advertisers do. The catch is that there'll be a banner in the userinfo, a subtly-branded layout you have to use, and they get to "screen" your public journal.

Naturally, many people are pissed about it, but personally? I'm not. I got pissed at the removal of basic accounts, but for a different reason than just ads. Forcing your new users to either have ads or PAY is fucked up.

BUT, I'm actually all over this sponsored paid account idea. xD;; You mean I can have a paid account without having to actually pay for it?!?! SIGN ME UP! I mainly pay for an account for all the icons (and now the edit and expand comments feature; well I think they're only for paid accounts), so seeing a banner in just MY info and layout? Doesn't bother me.

And I actually think that subtly branding layouts is a much better idea than just ugly ads. o.O At least, when the layouts are done right. They had some example layouts and there was one I wouldn't mind using right now! Haha.

Basically I'm not too anal about actually seeing ads... because I recognize that LJ is a business. It was a pretty fail move though when they said the removal of basic accounts was because it was "too confusing" to have 3 options and then GIVE US ANOTHER OPTION. Really, LJ? >___>

But that's just what I think; what do you all think of the development?


LJ Content Strike

  • Mar. 18th, 2008 at 2:32 PM
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For those of you who don't already know, there has been a strike scheduled for Friday, March 21st, 2008, during which we hope to have many members of LiveJournal provide LJ with absolutely no content for twenty-four hours. This means no posting and no commenting. If you post elsewhere and have it set up to be posted through a feed on LiveJournal, don't do it. Stay away from LiveJournal for twenty-four hours. That can't be too hard, can it? I know some of you are probably quite active on LiveJournal and will find it hard to stay away for an entire day, just as I will, but this is something that needs to be done, to show the people running LiveJournal that we're watching the changes they are making, that we're paying attention, that we're discontent, and that we want to be heard and taken in to consideration. We are not simply users who can be tossed to the side and ignored. We are the people who make up LiveJournal. Without us, without the content we create, without our words, our voices, our creativity, our participation, there would be no LiveJournal. This is a fact, and it needs to be realized and understood and then taken in to consideration when making decisions regarding the way that LiveJournal is run. The strike is only a few days away, so there isn't all too much time to prepare. While this is unfortunate, it isn't enough to keep this strike from taking place. It will take place, the second it is meant to, and it would be best to have as many people take part as possible. Please, spread the word. Spread it fast. There are only a few days to organize this. If you find that you care about LiveJournal or care about the people you interact with on LiveJournal or simply want it to remain a place where you can entertain yourself without constant censorship and money-hungry practices being thrown in without the consideration of those who use the service, act now. If you don't wish to spread the word, that is fine, but please: refrain from using LiveJournal on Friday, March 21st. Do something else for a change. It's for a good cause. (:

For background on this strike and why it is being held, please read the following posts:

To find out exactly when the strike begins and ends, depending on where you are located, please see this:

What's this about?

* It's about free and ad-free LiveJournal accounts being abolished for new members, ignoring the advice from the newly-formed Advisory Board.
* It's about LJ staff trying to sneak this decision in under the radar, and when people found out, telling the users it was done 'to make the signup process less confusing'.
* It's about LJ staff failing to apologize for trying to hide the facts from view and for lying about the actual reasons for their actions.
* And finally, it's about the latest decision to hide certain user interests from the list of Most Popular Interests, some of them being fanfiction, bisexuality, sex and depression. This decision was not announced or explained in any way. Users found out for themselves.

-Taken from the journal of [livejournal.com profile] m03m


Sep. 16th, 2007

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Note: I did a much needed friends cut today. If you were cut, don't take it personally. Either you were inactive, never commented, or I just skipped over your entries. Who knows, maybe one day we'll meet again and things'll be different, but... for now, that's what I needed to do.

I had the biggest scare of my life today. @__@ My wallet fell out of my pocket when I rode to work today! My wallet... with my debit card inside. I only realized this happened AFTER I clocked in, so I couldn't try to find it until I went on lunch.

So I rode home, looking all around as I did, bracing myself for the need to cancel my debit card... only to find out that some amazing soul picked it up, saw the address on my ID card, and returned it.

Holy shit. I wanted to cry tears of joy. After a really shitty shift, finding that there IS a good person out there... my faith in humanity has been restored. Thank you, stranger. ♥