Mar. 27th, 2008

  • 5:59 PM
brillando: ([Abyss] penser)
LJ never fails to piss off its users, lol

This time around, it's about Sponsored Paid Accounts, which, to my understanding, are basically paid accounts that you don't pay for, but advertisers do. The catch is that there'll be a banner in the userinfo, a subtly-branded layout you have to use, and they get to "screen" your public journal.

Naturally, many people are pissed about it, but personally? I'm not. I got pissed at the removal of basic accounts, but for a different reason than just ads. Forcing your new users to either have ads or PAY is fucked up.

BUT, I'm actually all over this sponsored paid account idea. xD;; You mean I can have a paid account without having to actually pay for it?!?! SIGN ME UP! I mainly pay for an account for all the icons (and now the edit and expand comments feature; well I think they're only for paid accounts), so seeing a banner in just MY info and layout? Doesn't bother me.

And I actually think that subtly branding layouts is a much better idea than just ugly ads. o.O At least, when the layouts are done right. They had some example layouts and there was one I wouldn't mind using right now! Haha.

Basically I'm not too anal about actually seeing ads... because I recognize that LJ is a business. It was a pretty fail move though when they said the removal of basic accounts was because it was "too confusing" to have 3 options and then GIVE US ANOTHER OPTION. Really, LJ? >___>

But that's just what I think; what do you all think of the development?